SOTM: Lust, Divorce, and the Radical Kindness of God | 10/30/2022 | Pastor Andrew Loyd


Sunday Service - Sunday 10 am | youth - Wednesday 6:30 PM

Oct. 30, 2022

Relationships can be a difficult and complex part of our lives. Through either the influence of our culture or horrible life circumstances, some of us have come to adapt distorted views of relationships, sex, and marriage. If you find yourself struggling with these types of issues and have been through the heartbreak of a divorce or have struggled with things like lust and distorted views of intimacy, then we invite you to connect with us today as we tackle the topics of lust, divorce, and how God's goodness, faithfulness, and kindness breaks through our brokenness and brings us healing and restoration in this continuation of our series centered on the famous Sermon on the Mount. Thanks for tuning in!